Shae’s Way Podcast

Shae’s Way: Heroes in a Half Shell

Podcasting from the parking lot of an abandoned strip mall, from cartoons to the big screen, we take a look at all things TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). We kick off the episode with a brief Clinton email clarification from a previous podcast: Trump Talk at Party City. Then we jump into a few payphone shenanigans before Shae shares his infatuation with turtle power and Jay tells us about his childhood hangout in the Houston…

Shae’s Way: Trump Talk at Party City

This episode we talk politics from the parking lot of Party City. Shae sticks to his resolve that only Trump can make America great again while Jay shares his fears for the insanity that could follow in Dangerous Donald’s wake. Shae also gives us a recap of the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) event, Conspiracy to Take the Crown at Dark Tower Games, and shares a little insight into Madden NFL 17. Other topics include posting ads…

Shae’s Way: Inside the Gathering

From your local game store to international events, Magic has gathered a strong and steady following of dedicated players. This episode we discuss our experience with Magic: The Gathering (MTG) and talk about the money to be made playing in MTG events. Jay also gives us recap of the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge while Shae shares his disdain for Lord of the Rings and all manner of creatures under four feet. And, if you’re in the…

Shae’s Way: Porn Please?

From Playboy to Pornhub, this episode we talk pornography in magazines, on screen, and in the home. Duncan from North Korean Zombies joins us to share a few personal anecdotes, talk about Italian culture, and get schooled on Marisa Tomei. He also brings with him a surprise beverage that we all have trouble keeping down. Previously, Shae and Jay talked at length about their fondness for Ms. Tomei. To listen to the episode, visit: Uncontrollable Urges. To…

Shae’s Way: Beam Me Up Brony

Bronies. Are they boldly going where no one has dared? From the Force to the frontier. From little ponies to lumbering primates. From religious faith to republican folly. Kevin from Skill and Bones Radio sits in with Inside the Gamer as we talk about new and old cultural phenomena. To check out Kevin’s podcast, visit: Skill and Bones Radio Music:

Shae’s Way: North Korean Zombies

What’s your strategy for taking on a zombie horde? This episode we explore effective methods for slaying the undead and measure our tactics for mowing them down. We’ll also share some thoughts on the world’s most notorious vampire, Kim Jong-un, who continues to suck the lifeblood from his people. Music:

Shae’s Way: Straight Shooter

Discover how cutting-edge firearms training tools can improve your accuracy on the range and in the field. This episode we sit down with Ryan from Next Level Training to examine some of the do’s and don’ts for improving your firearms familiarity. Music:

Shae’s Way: Uncontrollable Urges

Are we as simple as our sex drive? This episode we look at the urges that motivate us. We’ll also share a few first-hand accounts as Shae opens up about banging backstage and sex on the high seas while Jay talks about how even gamers aren’t beyond taking social advantage of each other. Music: