Shae’s Way: The Social Hour – Joe Mama

Hey ITG Nation, on this special episode of the Social Hour, Kevin and Shae finally have their first ever guest, Joey the game playing jester.

Join us as Kevin and Joey venture down the world of miniature table top gaming and try their hand at persuading Shae to re-embrace the joy that is playing games. *Spoiler Alert* It doesn’t happen. Also, Shae keeps it interesting with the usual extremely controversial topics as alcohol consumption tickles their tummies.

As always please remember that Inside the Gamer never condones the consumption of alcohol however if you do, please do so responsibly.

This episode of the Inside the Gamer podcast is sponsored in part by Dark Tower Games. For an earlier episode featuring the owner of Dark Tower Games, see: Childe Gamer to the Dark Tower Came.


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  1. So I finally was able to finish this latest ITG and I’m not disappointed in the Content as per uash! That being said, D.C. is Frigging Awesome! Shae you and your LoonaTickien thought process would be Almost Frightening if it weren’t for the Fact that I know How Much you Love The Stupid Blair Witch Project. Therefore it’s Not Frightening at all. You all might ask what does Blair Witch have to do with this practicular podcast? We’ll knowing how wrong Shae is about that Stupid Unscary Movie leads me to say dot dot dot! Ahh hem, excuse me I’m a little flemmy my bad. Ergo…you my friend once again are
    WRONG GUHH! about the D.C. Universe. Superman is thee Ultimate Super Hero, and a very close second is Thor the God Of Thunder. Now Do Not I’ll say it again do not try and Lie about who really is the Ultimate Super Hero. Everyone who is a Superman hater regardless of it being a pro DC or pro Marvel fan will hate on Superman most often times for no other reason alone but because he IS frigging Superman. I/e Super hashtag Man. a.ka. The Ultimate Super Hero. Lazer Eyes, X Ray Vision, The Ability to Fly, Freeze Breath, he can Leap Buildings in a single Bound, I don’t even know what the hell a bound is? Is one city block? A mile? Five miles? I don’t even care it sounds frigging Awesome and I want to do it too, can run probably even faster then the Flash? after all he is Superman, you know the Man Of Steele, not a man that Steals. The Man Of Steele. Shae he has the Strength that is Virtually Limitless and Sub-pervious to anyone or anything. And there’s only ONE thing that could help ANYONE truly kick his Ass and that of course is Krytonite. But good luck finding any. It could be done but good luck trying. Do not be a liar is he or is he not All of those things? Is that true or not true wether anyone likes it or not hate him or love him is not the Ultimate Super Hero? And by the way Captain America is even More Gay then Aquaman. And yes I caught that you said The Wrestler Ultimate Fighter! instead of the Ultimate Warrior as if Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC was something special or more rewarding to watch then WWF or WCW? UFC is for guys who really really really like S&M secretly and some not so secretly now that I think about it. Anyway. I’m like: ok let me get half naked in The Squared circle and get the holly ever living shit kicked out of me, by this other half naked dude trying “not” to be submissive to my every move. It’s Wrestling but more Gay. I think UFC really stands for Ultimate Fag Competition. Lol 😂 anyway I’ve ranted enough on those Subjects. And the Slavery Sex time limit, on how much time to wait? You know the question in which you asked about in this podcast?: yeah…I don’t wait. Immediately you get right in there on the very first day! In fact I might even not make it home off the Auctioneer Block. It would be: ok $10-20 do I hear $30 now $30 now $30 going once going twice sold to the man for a mere $30 dollar bill. And then: Squeaky Squeaky, oh Lordy jump down turn around now!, oh Lordy jump down now turn around! Oh Lordy! by the by that ‘‘tis a real Black Folk Song right there. It’s called Jump down turn around! Byeee! hashtag laterBitch’s!

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