Pathway to Terra Horus Heresy Campaign

Warzone Houston GT, in partnership with Inside the Gamer, will be hosting the Pathway to Terra Horus Heresy narrative campaign event at Warzone Houston GT July 7-8, 2018, at the Wyndam Houston West.

In this 2-day, 5-round narrative campaign, you will help shape events in the final days leading up to the Siege of Terra by:

  • Choosing a side and joining the fight supporting either the Emperor or Horus.
  • Playing custom and classic Age of Darkness and Zone Mortalis missions that vary by the table you’re on, not the round you’re in.
  • Earning campaign points and strategic assets that help your side achieve victory.

 What You Need

For this event, you will be playing one army, but need to have two army lists prepared (with the models available to support either list, but not both at the same time). You will need a:

  • 2500-point Age of Darkness Crusade Force army list.
  • 1250-point Zone Mortalis Combatant Force army list.

For this event, you need to bring your own:

  • Dice, templates, and tape measurer
  • Copy of the rules you need to play your army
  • 5 copies of your 2500-point Age of Darkness army list
  • 2 copies of your 1250-point Zone Mortalis army list

All models should be WYSIWYG and fully painted (completely painted and based with at least three colors). We reserve the right to exclude or impose in-game penalties for unpainted models.


When you register, you will need to provide:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The army you will be playing in the campaign
  • Which side you will be fighting for, Loyalists or Traitors

Availability is limited to 12 players per side (24 players total). In an effort to ensure there are a variety of armies present at the event, registration priority will be given to the first two players for each faction per side.

Meaning, for example, the first two Imperial Fist Loyalist players to register have priority, but the third Imperial Fist Loyalist player goes on the waiting list. Should one of the first two Imperial Fists Loyalist players drop out, or should there be an available Loyalist spot open in the last month leading up to the event, then the third Imperial Fists Loyalist player will have the option to register.

This should help minimize the chance of you having to play against the same faction, Emperor’s Talons or Thousand Sons for example, multiple times during the event. 

Register now to secure your spot.

Zone Mortalis

Approximately 30% of the tables will be set up for Zone Mortalis, and there’s a chance you may play up to one Zone Mortalis game each day of the event.

The Primarch’s Chosen Rite of War may not be used in Zone Mortalis army lists.

If you prefer to play Zone Mortalis games, let us know and we will do our best to ensure you get to play at least one Zone Mortalis game each day of the event.

Rules for Zone Mortalis can be found here.


Prize support will be raffled off to all players who participate in the event. Additionally, awards will be given out for the following categories:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Best-Painted Loyalist Army (Judged by Event Organizers)
  • Best-Painted Traitor Army (Judged by Event Organizers)
  • Favorite Army (Players’ Choice)
  • Primarch Killer

Availability is limited, so register now to secure your spot.