Jay’s Say: Warhammer Forty K

This episode, Jay is back with Kevin and Shae to talk about the brand new edition of Warhammer 40K. Jay shares his Primaris disillusionment while Shae manages to uncannily draw comparisons between Games Workshop’s business model and the Trump administration.

We also spend a little time talking about the upcoming Inside the Gamer Fantasy Football League and Jay’s desperate need for an assist.  

This episode of the Inside the Gamer podcast is sponsored in part by Dark Tower Games. Located in Bellingham, WA, Dark Tower Games strives to create a healthy, fun gaming community where people can count on a comfortable place to talk about and play games. They offer a wide range of gaming products and hold regular weekly, as well as special monthly events.

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For an earlier episode featuring the owner of Dark Tower Games, see: Childe Gamer to the Dark Tower Came.

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  1. Ah Rich your Naivety only brings glorious smiles to my face. Let me start with your “just a game” philosophy. Yes it is “just a game”, that is until it is no longer “just a game”. It became no longer “just a came” when nerds took the “just the game” out if. Far too often have I played “just a game” and it has turned into “just an argument”. Maybe even “just a douche-fest”. For the record I understand that I appear as the Hitler-esque Forty K game hating Nazi, but I am only the result, not the problem. The other gamer’s caused this. The other gamers caused me. I am simply what happens when you pretend to be the chivalrous guy who loves the passionate fun of the game, however gets mad when you begin to lose. It can’t work both ways sista. Football. While Marshawn Lynch may appear to be a good bet there are far better options out there. Bell, Johnson, Peterson, Martin etc. Lynch will be good but don’t focus on Sherman, Chancellor, Bennett (unless it’s Martellus) as those will all be a part of Seattle’s Defense. We pick only one Defense, not the individual players on D. Rich finally to end on Trump….Trump is president (I believe) Solely for one reason. America was tired of the same political bullshit. The same dumbass Americans getting angry about what gender pronoun you should call them. They were tired of dickheads….Yes I said it….Dickheads like BRUCE Jenner being called, The Greatest person in the world ever…guy…girl thingy. For fucking what?! For Fucking Sakes. That’s what. The Left I am calling you out. You caused this. You bastards. You think I wanted a super douche ultra media mega-star as the leader as the greatest and deadliest country in the world. No. No Fucking way. But at least it’s better than orgy banging in a kumbaya circle in the middle of Woodstock buttfuck-fest. Let me pause and offer an olive branch. Why is it? Why is it? We went so left after George Bush? After a fucking clinical retard (FDA approved) ran the presidency like a 3 year old toddler eating paint chips?! No shit. People got tired of it. The pendulum swings. And we are swinging right. That’s right women are longer Gods on this planet. No one gives a shit about your sexual preference. And Holy Buttfuck Participation trophies. We will stand no longer to cater to that need. Wake up left. Wake up real good. The Right is coming. Hope to God you got your tears ready.

    • No…….Its Still Just A Game. You just cant handle things that arent Shae’s Way! I bet if you did some kind of percentage statistics on the game i/e 60% Love it 40% think it Sucks or some where in between those numbers youd be obviously in the It Sucks Department. But its the MAJORITY that matters which is why and how it should be. If it waant then Your Homey Trump Would have Not one. But he did cause your right the Majority of people thought he was a better choice overall. They might like to take that back now but to Fucking Bad. An thats fine im pretty sure they will think Twice next time if not its more of the same, nonetheless im open to see how Shitty or Awesome any person running and Wins might do?! Curiosity and Shit You Know? And Football im not the guy who knows all things football but ive seen and react on possibilities rather then sheer stats cause we all know ANYTHINGS possible especially with the right person on the roster and i think anyones capable of kicking ass its just a matter of the timing and how they are at making plays happen. Plus theres a Saying im sure your aware of “ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!” So i dont just go by stats cause stats are only as good as the player! Im a fan/advocate of the eyeball test you know when a player is capable of greatness and thats if he gets to play and how good he looks and what we see him do on the field. If he looks like shit over an over he might be a shitty player not always true an i know this but likewise if they look awesome most of the time that does not mean the will BE Awesome ALL Of THE TIME. Try the Eye test if you dont already it helps. No matter what i got Mad Love For ya Shae.You entitled to be wrong its ok we’ll still love ya Bro! 😉 Stay Awesome!

  2. Ok to start off yes i did listen to the ENTIRE podcast cause i just knew there was going to be some Golden Weed Nuggs of Shae Bitching about Politics in some Fashion and thats almost always interesting! 😉 plus i like to hear the guest counter points on the conversations you guys bring to the table thus it was nothing short of brilliant. I agree with the guest. Kevin Shae does get worked up over frivolous matters and far to often i might add. Trust me if the game was bad enough ALL the nerds of which he speaks would no longer play it. So yes it may be underwhelming but only to the dagree in which parts need fixxing not entirely eliminated. Much like “Obama” care, a.k.a. Affordable Healthcare Act which is its proper name by the way. We all know its not perfect but it has been proven to be just that in Majority of cases Affordable, plus it litterally got millions of people to sign up for Healthcare which obviously is a good thing No One can argue that. However and i cant believe im saying this but Shae you are right, about Trump being a “Guinea Pig” in that if he can get in make things here an there better an screw up enough in other areas of importance then maybe America will wise up to Change The Shitty parts of the system in the future. “Desperation breeds on Failures, Failures give life to Sucess.” It encourages, and creates a new idea a path if you will on how to do it right and do it better the next time around. Now on that note, first pick BEASTMODE, thats right i said it Marshawn Lynch my friend. Jay pick Marshawn Lynch to start with. Keep him an watch out hes got something to prove this year and Next year as this will be hos last two years in the NFL i guarantee it, he wont dissapoint you, QB im picking Dak Prescott, Possibly As a second as im going with Cheater Boy Tom Brady dont be fooled by his mishaps hes an Awesome awesome QB, CB for me id pick Richard Sherman the dude is that good may be not the best but he’ll make paydirt trust me, the rest of the players your gonna need to feel them out as the season progresses look at the points they put up last year if you can and those across the board with the most are a tell tell sign of this season as they are the ones for the most part who will recieve the ball once again this year and more then likely will make the Big big plays. Baldwin, Chancellor, Lacy, Kearse, Procise, Bennet, yes these are Hawks players but good none the less. Look at the carriers of last year my friend it will help a Ton Believe that. Good Luck my brother and Shae, Calm the Fuck Down, at the End of The Day its Just a Game! 😉

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