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Confessions of A Gamer Dad – Hater

I’ve long been familiar with the concept of a “Gamer Dad” and frankly, I hate it. There’s no beating around the bush here guys, at some point in your gaming dad life you need to make some pro-financial savvy stock market moves, acquire a map and somehow navigate wherever the hell your balls went. How I Want It I get it, you want to be hands on as much as possible when it comes to…


40K – Unpleasantly Surprised

Say! Jay Soooooo…recently I attended a Warhammer 40K tournament, local mind you. A three-round, 1850 one-day event. Now the store I go to we may or may not have a reputation for having what you would call, “a more competitive environment.” So what!? Hard-hitting list? Get outta ‘ere. So casual gamer beware. Am I a power lister? Yeah maybe. Do I build my models? Sometimes. Do I prime them at least? Hey man what’s with…