40K – Unpleasantly Surprised

Say! Jay

Soooooo…recently I attended a Warhammer 40K tournament, local mind you. A three-round, 1850 one-day event. Now the store I go to we may or may not have a reputation for having what you would call, “a more competitive environment.” So what!? Hard-hitting list? Get outta ‘ere. So casual gamer beware.

Am I a power lister? Yeah maybe. Do I build my models? Sometimes. Do I prime them at least? Hey man what’s with all the questions here? Is this a blog or an episode of 48 hours?

In It to Win It

Yeah I like to pulverize my opponent. Listen, nothing makes me happier then dancing like Fred Astaire on your crying gaming corpse while I make unusually obscene gestures at your grieving family. There is absolutely, absolutely nothing more to this hobby than winning.

Water Colors for Dummies

So let’s talk painting. I’m sorry guys, I conveniently forgot that I’m playing with toys and that I’m not at an arts and crafts seminar. Three Colors minimum? Jesus guys. I’m not Donatello Davinci here. Last time I checked grey was a color. That’s right so I only need two more. Bing bang boom, done.

Unpleasantly Surprised

So the event finished and of course I won. Did I make any friends? No. So what!? This isn’t Facebook. At the end of the day I’m the hero and gamers fear my list. And remember, life’s not about making friends. It’s about seeing how quick you can lose the ones you’ve made. Man! Hope this trend continues.
Want to see what Jay thinks about this? Can’t imagine why, but…Jay’s Say.

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