Wheeeeeeenn Deeeeeeeeee???!!!

It twas the defeat Upon thine own ears,

That told a story of fantasy tears,

Whence a priors winner, once defeated,

And to this new champion, Who were we greeted?


The Mystery Nigh and I begath a plea.

Who the heck is fantasy champion NFL style 2018 winner… When Dee?


I thought and I pondered, sorting the sorts,

In all my memories of fantasy sports,

I know of a Cizan, though not very well,

A league leader all year, did pretty swell.


I know of a Strangler who really hates bass,

Quite an odd fellow and often quite crass.

He came from a  Zona, that isn’t too Airy,

Surviving such heat is incredibly scary.


But the Mystery is Still Nigh as my mind must be set free,

Who in the hell is this member we have by the name When Dee?


I know of a felled champion who isn’t a trucker,

He shouts out his glee as, “Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker”.

It is very confusing as my eyes begin to gloss.

But not too confusing…after all he is from Te-Has.


And to speak of an owner who might hate a Coleman who claims as a Tevin,

Would be the Gridiron leader and Home Alone McCallister Mister Mc Kevin.

He tried as he could to finish the game,

But instead lost, and also his name.


I know of owner who has no attachment to a Panda,

She is a spouse so she’s definitely not a Man, Duh.

We giggle and laugh all day in the home,

As we watch all our players on the Beautiful  Redzone.


But the Mystery is nigh, As I continually decree,

Goddamn  it…who the hell is this champion When Dee?


I mean I know of the Mexicans, as there was a trick that I play,

When one of them wins by the name of Andres.

He thinks it’s quite funny winning as he places his bets,

But after each year he pains his regrets.


I know of lady whose name rhymes with Jellie.

She isn’t a black rapper naming of Nellie,

E’ery Day she smokes weed, which I cannot prove,

And together with Andres, we make bets which we lose.


And the Mystery yet is still very nigh, As still I plan to see,

A Goddamn Answer as to who can tell me who the winner champion is by the name of When-Dee?


I know an owner who makes no moo-lio,

A Mexican guy by the name of Julio.

The irony is such, that it tickles me so tingly-ish,

Cuz, his only language, is much that of English.


And not without suit also…not to be graced wrong,

I know of a Casey and…yes of course his Giant Dong.

His dong is so known, its been back at least twice.

However we will chalk up the compensations to playing in ice.


But finally I ask as the Mystery is Nigh, And I’m off to pee.

Somebody please. For the love of God beat this 2018 Champ so I can figure out who the hell is When Dee.



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