Shae’s Way: The Social Hour – Tiny Talk and Tiff of Trump

Hey ITG Nation, grab your gov’ment book and join Kevin and Shae on the Social Hour as they embark on the usual talk of the presidency of the greater United States. Each side takes a stand and the metaphorical gloves come off on a heated debate about politics and presidency.

Also, join in and do a little chat and pick your fighter when it comes to the greatest serial killer ever. The Social Hour is the place where you can just listen in to your hearts content and always be ready for the laws of P.C. to bend to the talk of re-al-it-tee.

Remember even though Inside the Gamer consumes alcohol they do not condone the consumption of it, however if you do please do so responsibly.

This episode of the Inside the Gamer podcast is sponsored in part by Dark Tower Games. For an earlier episode featuring the owner of Dark Tower Games, see: Childe Gamer to the Dark Tower Came.


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