Painting Stubble

What you will need to paint stubble

Brushes: Detail brush
Games Workshop colors: Dawnstone, Kislev Flesh
Paint-to-water ratio: 50:50 for all colors/mixes
Techniques: Wet brushing

Wet brushing: After dipping the bush in the paint, dab most of the paint off the brush onto dry paper towel. Then apply the paint across the surface of the model, allowing the previous layer to show through. Consistently apply paint in one direction.



1) First, completely paint the flesh portion of the model. Finish applying any highlighting or washes.


2) After the flesh portion of the model is complete, using a detail brush, wet brush a mix of Dawnstone and Kislev Flesh (50:50) on the areas where stubble is desired. For the top of the head, start with the crown and paint outwards. For the face, start below the cheeks and work down.