Shae’s Way: Drugs, Thugs, & Hugs

This episode we talk about drugs in the U.S. and sit down with Rich, a former drug dealer, to hear first-hand what it’s like to peddle illicit wares. Rich shares his experience selling cocaine and heroin, as well as provides insight into the pros and cons of a dealer’s lifestyle.

But before things get too serious, Shae and Rich try and convince one another as to which Is the more physically demanding sport, NFL football or NHL hockey. Have an opinion? Feel free to weigh in with a comment below.

This episode of the Inside the Gamer podcast is sponsored in part by Dark Tower Games. Located in Bellingham, WA, Dark Tower Games strives to create a healthy, fun gaming community where people can count on a comfortable place to talk about and play games. They offer a wide range of gaming products and hold regular weekly, as well as special monthly events.

To check out Dark Tower Games, go to or visit them on Facebook.

For an earlier episode featuring the owner of Dark Tower Games, see: Childe Gamer to the Dark Tower Came.


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