Jay’s Say: Warhammer Woes

This episode we dig down to our gaming roots and revisit what’s kept us from the game that brought us together. Join us as we take a critical look at Warhammer 40K and talk about how recent changes have influenced the game, the community, and our perceptions of both.

Shae shares his unfettered rage and talks about selling his minis while Jay looks at Horus Heresy as an alternative for space marine die-hards.

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  1. Look man I hear you don’t like 40k anymore. I like you was a Tyranid player and I sold all my models in 6th edition. Do you know what I found out?

    There are way better games with way better rule sets. I picked up Bolt Action. I love it but to get this game going and really any game that is not 40k you have to become an advocate you have to put in tons of work to get other people in to the game. After a lot of hard work I have got to a point were we have a weekly Game night.

    Every Friday Night it’s Whiskey & Bolt Action @ MuGu games Everett WA! it’s a blast. We also run tournaments/Events. Our last event we had 16 players.

    One reason 40k will always suck is IGOUGO this creates a shitty gaming experience. It is a relic that should be expunged from any game system.

    I also play StarWars armada it’s an awesome game I have fun every time I play it.

    There are so many great alternatives out there. I won’t play a 40k game ever again unless the changed IGOUGO. If you like IGOUGO have fun sitting through a 40 minute shooting phase.

    • “One reason 40k will always suck is IGOUGO this creates a shitty gaming experience. It is a relic that should be expunged from any game system.”

      Well said! Games with a more dynamic sequence of events are far more engaging.

      It’s the universe that still keeps me hooked. I want to like it in spite of myself.

      • I hear ya Jay. I’ve played a few games of 30k and used the best parts of the rules from Bolt Action and 40k to play some games and it was a good time.

        • Thanks for the post Mark. As you know by now I hate the game culture. Not the games. The games are simply a tool in which we try to passive aggressively channel our thoughts, feelings, and childhood experiences. Much like religion, I hate it. However for some it really makes their life worthwhile and come out with some type of rescaled morality. For some that works. Not for me of course. But for those of you that do; Check out MuguGames if you are ever in the Everett area and looking for some games to play. WhoGu? Mugu!

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