Shae’s Way: The Social Hour – #MeAlso

Join K and Shae on another episode of the Social Hour as we both react to Jay’s Tinder Trends and discuss the beautiful issues of sexual harassment, alleged racism, and the dreaded Pacific Northwest Gnat Orgies. Only one gnat should marry another gnat. Is sexual harassment just against women? Roseanne Barr? Join the Social Hour where we curb our alcoholism as we discuss the issues that really grind our gears.

As always, Inside the Gamer never condones the consumption of alcohol, however if you do, listen in as we do too and please do so responsibly.

This episode of the Inside the Gamer podcast is sponsored in part by Dark Tower Games. For an earlier episode featuring the owner of Dark Tower Games, see: Childe Gamer to the Dark Tower Came.


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  1. Obama+Cuba= Hello Shae!
    You cant even bring that up just after you say, Obama just added sanctions basically a slap on the wrist i know. But compared to a slap in the face from Trump metaphorically that was given, the fact that Obama did get us back into good standings and on Cubano Soil is something to beholding. I get it it you want to have Man Sex with Trump and possibly spread his seed but come on Bro. You gotta give credit where its due. Cause just like the papers when you put a nasty shit talking article out this week and you retract said article next week its Too Late! An you do believe Trumps a Racist? Trumps not only a Racist, hes a Sexist, a Bigget, and the list goes on but if i name all the bad shit about Trump id run out of charactors before i got to the last Shitty Thing about Trump that could be said!!! The One Good Thing that could be said about Trump and i do it with Malice in my Heart goes he’s a fully and complete DICK! and not even one thats hard and full of manlyness the one good thing i can say about Mr. Noodle, Pencil Dick Trump is that: hes given the Economy a Boost. But i dont think its cause of any actual thing hes done to increase it but just because of his Stupid Bitch Ass Name. Anyway i cant wait til the day we get to DUMP TRUMP! Hillary wasnt much of a Good Choice i agree, but the one thing she had going for her was tha fact that….she ISNT TRUMP!!! >:(

    • Im sorry for my shitty spelling here and there, i know i LaClaird it up. but Read Between the lines, Shae…..Your Awesome!…..But Trump…well Trump sucks!

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