9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

Superheroes and villains don’t come cheap. Besides having superpowers and mad skills, they must also possess immense wealth to fund their various causes, may it be for good or the other way around. But how much really is wealthy when talking about the caped crusaders and their archnemesis?

From buying off private islands so they could have their own secret base to purchasing the most expensive technology offered, you’d wish to be one of the heroes or villains who have fat bank accounts. Among the roster of superhero that fit into this category are Bruce Wayne aka the Batman, Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, and Charles Xavier aka Professor X. On the contrary, among the villains who have massive wealth include Max Eisenhardt aka Magneto, Lex Luthor, and Victor von Doom, aka Dr. Doom.

Their estimated net worth ranges from around $50 million to almost $90.7 trillion. Well, these are just estimates as most villains would hide their wealth, probably in offshore accounts under anonymous names, not to mention unliquidated black market dealings. However, to think that most of the heroes and villains who graced comic book covers are this rich, imagine being them. That thought would immediately excite anyone who has idolized these heroes, or even villains, since childhood.

One such former villain, now turned hero, is Emma Frost. Remember the sexy siren who used to run around with Shaw and then joined sides with Magneto? Who would have thought that her net worth is around $1 billion to $3 billion dollars. Where does her overflowing wealth come from? She is just the CEO and chair of the board of Frost International. In fact, she recently purchased an island base for the X-Men intended for “the foreseeable future.”

Emma Frost is just one of the number of wealthiest heroes and villains, because there are others far wealthier than her. See the infographic below to discover if your favorite caped crusader or antagonist is worth not just millions but trillions.

9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

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