Stacking the Deck

Hello everyone. This is your friendly neighborhood PrimeAngron, Warhammer 40k player and tournament organizer (TO). I’ve been playing 40k for more than 20 years and have traveled across several states just to scratch that 40K tournament itch.

As a TO, I have run numerous events ranging from a softer playing styles to ITC to straight rulebook, as well as narrative events, apocalypse games, and many others. I consistently run events in and around the greater Houston area, and I regularly organize local tournaments the first Saturday of the month at Fat Ogre Games & Comics in Houston, TX.

Min Maxing the Maelstrom

In past events I’ve run that use Maelstrom mission objective cards, I’ve noticed on several occasions that players aren’t getting any useful cards until too late the game. Even when they’re doing everything right, Lady Luck treats them wrong. For the next event, I’d like to see that change.

What if the tournament let you skim your deck down to the 22 or 24 cards of your choosing! You could take out 14 cards and tailor the Maelstrom deck to your specific playing style or army list. This could help mitigate some of the bad draws seen in Maelstrom-based tournaments.

Divine Inspiration or Heretical Decree

Next month, I’m running a tournament and will ask players to optimize their deck. In a follow-up post I’ll provide a full recap, with feedback from the players.

Is it a good idea or will it completely backfire!

I guess I’ll know next month. Until then, if you want to weigh in with your own thoughts about my success or demise, feel free to post in the comments section below.

Also, if you’re in the greater Houston area and want to check out this event, click here to learn more.


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  1. Keep in mind that if you’re using the Tactical Escalation Mission, a Player can potentially go through 28 Cards in a Game, so it’s probably not a good idea to trim the decks down below that. We’ve had a number of events up here in the PNW using 28 Card Decks trimmed down by the Players, and they’ve proved very popular.

    They also commonly set the Points for Cards that award d3 to 2, and only 3 Points for anything that would give more than that, to cut down on runaway leads.

    Hope yours goes as well!

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