Shae’s Way: Taking the Wo from Man

This episode we get serious and dive into gender inequality in the United States. Shae argues for the male minority, claiming that guys are getting the short end of the stick. Jay maintains a healthy skepticism as he watches Shae try to build a mountain out of a molehill.

We also tackle sexual harassment in the work place, gamers in relationships, and Shae tells us exactly when it’s okay to hit a girl.

This episode of the Inside the Gamer podcast is sponsored in part by Dark Tower Games. Located in Bellingham, WA, Dark Tower Games strives to create a healthy, fun gaming community where people can count on a comfortable place to talk about and play games. They offer a wide range of gaming products and hold regular weekly, as well as special monthly events.

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  1. Shae shae shae, i felt i was listening to Trump Jr. in this podcast. I love the topic, i love the conversation and the points that it brings to the table, but to what you have to say about it yeah im not loving that to much, its kind of retarded, I mean obviously Agression has its place as does Nurtureing, to talk shit through vs punching your way through is equally powerfull and gets just as good of results as one another Depending on what it is that needs addressed its all part of the Fight or Flight idea no Fist is Ever Necessary when only a Word Or Two Will Do. Intelligence over Ignorance Always makes sense problem is Some of us Feel that Ignorance Is Bliss. And Intelligence can be and often is Overated. It Dont Take A Rocket Scientest To Solve All Problems Or To Create Them. 😉

    • Will a word or two do, when a bullet races at you?

      • Words can be just as piercing and deadly as a bullet, the diffrence between them isnt much. And it might even be easier to heal from a bullet wound then what it could be from the words we use? Alls i know is that ive been told and trained most of my life to choose my “Words” wisely, not choose my bullets wisely. I mean each caliber of pistol/rifle is already choosen. But the words we say that are just as painfull are often said without a thought given an the choice to walk away or take them words back are to late. The point is Bullets and Words are almost One In The Same. I know from experience if i could choose to be shot and surive those wounds or to repeat some of the hurtfull words thats been said to me and survive through them again id honestly choose to be shot. And likewise some of the words ive said to people i wish i could go back and Not Say Them. Just like a Bullet thats been fired hit or miss you cant take that bullet back. And you may not see the serveriety of this but talk to enough of the right people thats been spoken to in such a manner you’ll know/understand just how dangerous and yes deadly/damaging words can be. People have even commited suicide over stupid shitty Words thats been said to them also like the bullets thats helped people commit suicide so has whats been said with Words to them or about them. So like ive been taught and sometimes forget, Choose Your Words Wisely. And im aware theres spelling/grammar issuse here but i think you get the point? 😉

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